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Morning WalkerMorning Walker
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Morning Walker Infrared Home Walker With Reflexology Therapy + Free Sauna Belt

Infrared Home Walker With Reflexology Therapy + Free Sauna Belt

Infra Red Home Walker With Reflexology Therapy Among morning walkers, infra chi morning walker is the upgraded model. It has a handy digital remote, 10 speed swinging speed and 2 speed vibration for acupressure & reflexology, infra red & magneto therapy. We all know about the health benefits of morning walk. Several times we motivate ourselves to start walking early in the morning and at late night, but this is impossible after long working hours. Considering all these facts, morning walker machine or you can simply say morning walker is such type of health equipment which gives you much more health benefits in just 15 minutes.

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  1.      Side to side 10 swinging speed
  2.      2 speed vibration for acupressure therapy
  3.      Infra red light to reveals hidden joint pains
  4.      Magneto therapy to stay painless
  5.      Handy digital remote control


  1.      Morning walker machine gives you all the health benefits of brisk walk & jogging at home only.
  2.      It helps you lose weight & to get back you in proper shape.
  3.      It cuts your risk of suffering from hypertension & diabeties.
  4.      Acupressure Therapy: There are more than 30 pressure points in soul of our feet and when bare feet are kept on the vibration part of this walking machine, a direct pressure is exerted to the pressure points which give a healing response to various body organs.
  5.      Infrared Therapy: This therapy is well known for its healing effects. It helps to heal faster as the infrared rays penetrate deep in the body. Not only this, it also helps tissue repair & draining out toxins.
  6.      Magneto Therapy: As magnet is another good source of healing pain & so this therapy is very helpful in healing pain. Also it increases blood circulation.
  7.      Morning walker helps the persons suffering from Joint Pains, Arthritis, Obesity Cardiac Problems, Diabeties, High Blood Pressure and Organ Functioning problems. By using this home machine many health risks can be minimized. Also you can have a proper body shape. Moreover, morning walker price is in affordable range & people can buy morning walker online easily.

Product Specification:

Brand: Landmark Infrared Morning Walker

Watts: 50 Voltage:230

Warranty: 1 Year Sellers Warranty

Freebies: 1 Sauna Slim Belt & 1 Twister


1 Infra Chi Walker

1 Twister

1 Sauna Belt

1 User Manual

Gym Twisters

Gym twisters are body twisting objects mainly for waist which gives exercising effects to body.


  1. Good for arms, waist, hips & legs
  2. Shed away extra body fat
  3. Increases blood circulation
  4. Good for feet
  5. It tones your thighs, waist & hips.

Morning Walker Machine

Fitness Morning Walking Machine helps you lose excess body fat. Also it gives you many health benefits only using for 15 minutes a day.


  1.      Compact & portable
  2.      Simple to use
  3.      Has automatic timer


  1.      Gives aerobic exercise to the entire body parts
  2.      Helps to lose weight
  3.      It generates inner strength in whole body
  4.      Very helpful in blood circulation
  5.      Relieves from muscles & back pain
  6.      Increases immunity
  7.      Tones thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach & breasts

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