How to Use a Pendant in Lamp Design

Whether illuminating a kitchen-island prep zone or a dining room table, pendant lamps create atmosphere with a marriage of soft overhead light and gorgeous design. Pendants come in many styles and sizes, from sleek metal minimalist designs to opulent glass, concrete and wood options with a nod to Old Hollywood […]

How Many Christmas Carol Movies Are There?

A Christmas Carol is one of the most iconic stories around, so it’s no surprise that there are a lot of movies that have been adapted from Charles Dickens’ timeless tale. With the right combination of scares and joy, this classic story has been able to capture audiences for decades. […]

How to Make a Chandelier Unique

Among the many types of furnishings that can add class and style to a room, a chandelier stands out as one of the most luxurious. They can also be quite versatile, with a history that spans centuries and various design styles to suit any home decor. Choosing the right chandelier […]

What to Do When a Floor Lamp Stops Working

When a floor lamp stops working, the first thing many people do is look to see if the bulb has blown. If it has, it’s a simple matter of replacing it and all should be well. However, there are other reasons the lamp may not be working. The power cord […]

Furniture Financing – What You Need to Know

Furniture is a major investment that you want to be able to afford. Purchasing your desired pieces with financing allows you to do just that, without having to pay the entire cost upfront. Many furniture stores will offer in-store financing on their products, which often comes with 0% interest for […]

Home Trends Furniture Ennis

Home trends furniture ennis is one of the best places to go for all your new bedroom furniture needs and wants. They stock a wide range of products from top rated manufacturers and boast the biggest showroom in the county. They also offer the best in class customer service (free […]

How to Choose a Chandelier For Living Room

When it comes to lighting your living room, a chandelier can really add to the ambiance. You’ll want to make sure that you choose the right one for your decor. The wrong chandelier can actually overwhelm your space. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get the right size and […]

JA80E Swing Arm

Having a swing arm is a great way to get more power from your vehicle. However, it is also important to be sure that you are purchasing the right kind of swing arm. A good swing arm will be able to handle your torque while remaining sturdy and able to […]

How to Uplight a Wall Lamp

A wall lamp is a simple and convenient way to create a room’s atmosphere. While choosing a lamp, keep in mind some key considerations like the placement, lighting, and materials. Uplighting Uplighting a wall lamp is a fantastic way to add drama to any space. You can choose from many […]