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Landmark Portable Steam BathLandmark Portable Steam Bath
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Landmark Portable Steam Bath

Portable Steam bath with 4 layers, Remote control and Head Cap

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There are many types of portable steam bath available in India, but Landmark Portable Steam Bath is much more durable. It gives a better steam bath experience than other ones. Several under given points will help you understand this thing more easily.


1. Four thermostat layers are used in Landmark Portable Steam Bath. Its inner most layers is made up of Nitrile rubber which is capable to bear heat upto 70% more times than ordinary cloth. So, it can bear more heat & steam pressure. Instead of this, other steam baths are made up of maximum 1 or 2 thermostat layers which are not able to bear more heat & pressure and so starts tearing.

2. Landmark steam baths rods are made up of fibre glass frame which is unbreakable. Instead of this, other steam baths rods are made up of normal plastic which can be broken easily.


1. Its double side zipper makes it unique from other steam bath. This is to make your movements free & easy. The outer zipper is to enter inside & the inner zipper is to come outside. Most of the other steam baths have only outer zipper to enter inside & so need somebody to open when you have finished.

2. Its last layers are made up of Satin & Silk which gives this steam bath an elegant look but in other steam bath the last layer is made up of water proof cloth which spoils its entire look. Moreover, Landmark portable steam bath can be used for commercial purpose also like in Parlors, Spas, Healing & Fitness Centers. But it is not possible with other steam baths.


1. Landmark portable steam bath has much space when to use it & it can be packed easily in a small bag when not in use. Inspite of this, other steam has less space when to use. Also these occupy large space to store as its two rods are not removable.

Head Cap

1. Landmark steam bath comes with a detachable head cap which you can use for facial steam. Many of the other steam baths does not provide head cap which is one of the important requirements.


1. In Landmark steam bath there is separate box for aroma oils or tulsi leaves, Aloevera along with 1.5litres steamer. But this facility is not available with other steam baths.

2. Landmark Steam Bath has 3 heat settings i.e heat, medium & low, whereas in other steam baths there is only 1 heat setting.

Benefits Of Portable Steam Bath:

Stress Reliever: Due to busy lifestyle almost all of us are stressed with work or some other pressure. Spending some of our time can help us to relieve from this stress.

Weight loss: Steam bath makes you sweat & in melts your extra body fat. So, this is considered to be most effective way of weight loss.

Pain: Steam Bath is very helpful in muscles pain, joint pains & arthritis.

Detoxification: Sweating caused due to steam bath cleans up body. Toxins are drained out of the body.

Maintains Kidney Health: As much of the toxins are drained out of body after sweating from steam bath, less pressure is exerted on kidneys for filteration.

Blood Pressure: It is very helpful for reducing blood pressure but should not be used for more than 15 minutes.

Glowing Skin: It helps in making your skin glowing & keeps away acne & other aging signs.

Boost Metabolism: It increases blood circulation & boosts up your metabolism. Increased blood circulation carries correct amount of oxygen & thus keeps body organs healthy.


4 Layer Thermal Cover

Double Side Zipper

Handy Digital Remote Control

3 Stage Temperature Control

Uniform Steam Distribution

Fibre Glass Fitting

Head Cap For Facial team



Remote Control


Detachable Head Cap

Brand: Landmark

Warranty: 1 Year

Care: Once used wipe the inside of steam bath with a dry cloth. Dont put away damp.

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