kitchen witch

Whether you’re making love over a pan of pasta or banishing bad spirits with a cup of tea, kitchen witches believe that every act of creating and consuming food is magical. They follow the pagan festivals, celebrate seasonal harvests, and use herbs, plants, spices, flowers, essential oils, and culinary herbs for spell or circle work, homemade lotions, potions, and personal care.

They also create and cook their own recipes that help them balance, heal, and nourish themselves and those around them. They are experienced gardeners who grow their own herbs and produce their own herbal remedies. They have a special cookbook filled with recipes that correspond to the herbs, plants, or flowers they collect from nature for spiritual purposes. They may even have a small altar in the kitchen where they keep herbs, a candle, and some of their favorite books on magic.

The Kitchen Witch is a guide to the magical practice of kitchen witchery that allows the reader to discover how they can incorporate everyday witchcraft into their lives and connect with the natural world and elements through the foods they prepare, consume, and share with others. The book includes an exploration of foods and their healing properties, folklore, and magical uses, including how a wooden spoon can become a magical wand and how your kitchen utensils can be used to create sigils. Discover the power of each ingredient in your pantry from apples for peace, health, and love to apricots for romance to horseradish for endurance, tenacity, and protection.

Discovering the magic of your kitchen is easy with this practical and inspiring book. Whether you are already a practicing witch or just beginning your path, this is the perfect introduction to kitchen witchery for any reader.

Discover the magic of your own kitchen in this practical and enchanting guide to the everyday witchery of cooking, cleansing, crafting, and gardening. You’ll find nourishing recipes that correlate with each of the eight Pagan Festivals in the Wheel of the Year, and you’ll learn about the herbal, plant, flower, and spice powers of your kitchen pantry so that you can make magical homemade lotions, potions, and more for spell or circle work, as well as to use as ingredients for your food. You’ll also find information on the natural remedies, herbs, and essential oils that you can use to enchant your cooking, and a list of ingredients for personal and protective magic.