miilighting Pendant lights queensland are a stylish choice for achieving ambient or task lighting in any space. They come in a range of colours, shapes, sizes, designs and materials to match any interior design theme – traditional, modern, Scandinavian, Hamptons, nature-inspired and industrial.

Pendants can be single, multiple or a cluster and are equally beautiful over dining tables and above kitchen islands. Choosing the right one is important to create the desired atmosphere and to enhance architectural details.

Chandeliers are a more classic light fixture and fit well in older or period homes. They can also add a grand, sophisticated look to rooms with high ceilings.

They usually give off a more diffused and ambient light, which can work in some situations like the living room where you want to create a relaxed environment. However, if you are looking for more focused lighting and are concentrating on a specific area then a pendant is probably the better choice.

Using pendants over kitchen islands is a popular way to achieve a focal point for the room, as they can create a beautiful centrepiece and provide useful task lighting at the same time. Generally, pendants should be hung 75-80cm apart and 75-80cm above the island bench for optimum visual balance and to ensure even distribution of light over the surface.

Which kind of room suits pendants more than chandeliers?

Generally speaking, pendants work better in smaller rooms with low ceilings and in bedrooms or bathrooms. They can sometimes be too large for small living areas or dining spaces, but this is personal preference and not necessarily a hard rule.

What are the best pendants to buy?

Pendants are an ideal option for task lighting as they are easy to adjust, and many have a retractable cord that you can pull back or close to control the amount of diffused or directed light. These are also available in a wide range of materials and styles from contemporary to rustic, with options for metal, glass and timber finishes.