swing arm

Having a swing arm is a great way to get more power from your vehicle. However, it is also important to be sure that you are purchasing the right kind of swing arm. A good swing arm will be able to handle your torque while remaining sturdy and able to take the stress of driving. This will allow you to have the best possible performance.


The invention pertains to a single-sided swing arm. It combines a hollow profile with a rigid girder to achieve a torsionally stiff configuration. This configuration reduces the dead weight of the structure. Additionally, a single-sided swing arm can be more efficient in transferring the lateral forces that are generated by the rear wheel.

A single-sided swing arm can be manufactured with a mold tool. In some instances, a lateral slide can be incorporated into the design. Also, the swing arm can be made lighter by reducing the thickness of the walls. To increase the strength of the material, the cross-section of the sidewall is increased.

In addition, the receptacle of the apparatus can be detachable for the passage of a spring damper element. This mechanism helps support the tensile forces of the receptacle, and also improves the kinematics of the strut.


For the dedicated ocularist, a double articulating swing arm is a must have. With a max weight of 140 lbs., the JA80E Swing Arm makes light work of those grueling home movies or office presentations. In addition to a plethora of mounting options, the Swing Arm also boasts an array of features like a built-in Ethernet pass-through, an integrated HDMI cable port, and a snazzy halo that provides 360 degree protection. Despite its impressive array of features, the JA80E Swing Arm still maintains a low profile compared to its peers. And if the aforementioned features weren’t enough, the JA80E Swing Arm also sports a well-crafted, powdered-matte finish that exemplifies the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction. The aforementioned features are a notch above the competition, but the aforementioned benefits don’t come cheap.

Connecting shafts

A swing arm is a part of a vehicle which includes a pair of left and right arm bodies. It is also comprised of a cross member and a final reduction gear unit. The swing arm is used to pivot and support a rear axle shaft.

Swing arms are available as cantilever and cantilever-less. The latter uses a triangulated frame that transfers the movement of the swing arm to shock absorbers. Usually, they are assembled as pairs.

To improve the accuracy of the swing, it is important to know how the shaft is attached to the swing arm. It is not advisable to use a shaft that is too stiff. This can lead to low ball hits, and it can affect the trajectory of the ball. Moreover, too flexible shafts can result in inconsistent swings.

Rod-shaped second link 26

There are many new and improved door lifts available in the marketplace these days. However, it can be difficult to determine which is the best option to suit your needs. In the quest for a slick lift system, you will need to weigh the various features and functions of a given lifting device. Among the most important of these features is the rod-shaped second link 26. This is a relatively low-cost component, and provides a key link between the outer leg leaves and the centering mechanism. It also enables you to open and close the device more easily. You will be happy to know that a second tier of the centering mechanism is available as well, namely, the third strut. The third strut can be accessed by a swiss connection, or a tamper-proof fastener.

GP Swing Arm

The GP Swing Arm is a device that works to help performance bagger riders. It allows them to change the setting so that the machine can be tuned to the rider’s individual needs.

The GP Swing Arm also features a capacity load indicator that prevents overload errors. This feature eliminates the need to remove a container. The system also automatically calibrates itself when the ambient temperature changes. It’s one-touch auto calibration ensures a quick, simple on-demand calibration.

A GP Swing Arm can help a rider boost performance and reduce fatigue. In addition to improving tyre life, it can improve grip, enhance feel and increase control. Carbon fibre swingarms are used by MotoGP racers. Pol Espargaro’s win at the French GP came courtesy of a carbon-fibre swingarm.