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Blood Circulation Machine(BCM) Blood Circulation Machine(BCM)
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Blood Circulation Machine

An excellent weight loss and Acupressure Machine which increases the blood circulation of the body.

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Blood Circulation Machine (BCM) is perfect health equipment for home use. It gives body muscles a high speed workout. Generally the muscles of body contract & relax once or twice in a second but the vibration of this BCM helps muscles to contract & relax about 30 to 50 times in a second.

BCM has brought a revolution in fitness for health, medical, rehabilitation, sports, beauty & wellness. If you use this machine 10 minutes a day regularly then it gives you toned & strengthens muscles. It also improves joint flexibility, decreases stress & blasts away excess fat.


Health Benefits:

1.    It improves blood circulation

2.    It balances immune system

3.    It is helpful in increasing bone density

4.    It strengthen your muscular & nervous system

Beauty Benefits:

1.    Helps to lose weight

2.    Gives you smooth skin

3.    Reduces cellulite

4.    It tightens all your body muscles

Fitness Benefits:

1.    It increases muscle strength & performance

2.    Very helpful in decreasing recovery time

3.    It fights Osteoporosis


How To Use:

1.    Before using this machine drink a glass of water

2.    Then stand on this machine

3.    There are two levels of Vibration. You can start with the lower one and change it to the higher level in the midst of the work out.

4.    Use it for 10 minutes & makes it stop or it will stop after 15 minutes automatically

5.    When you will start the machine, you will feel the vibrations running from feet to head. It means vibration effect is passing to the entire body.


Product Specifications:

Brand: Wonder

Watts: 50

Volts: 230

Warranty: 6 Months Seller's Warranty


1.    Blood Circulation Machine

2.    User Manual

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