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10 In 1 Magic Shaper- Light Weight Fitness Equipment For Everyone

Friday, August 21, 2015 1:13:16 PM Asia/Calcutta

Everyday I feel sad about how my body is shaping up and worry about what its heading to. Finally one day I decided to join the nearby gym where my ex collegue goes for workout. The timings were a bit difficult to cope up but I thought I’ll manage. The first day I managed to leave office early and visited the gym. Wow, what a day! I was sure this lovely start of working out would continue just as lovely as this. But thanks to my office meetings and work deadlines I couldn’t continue the gym after 4 days that too in 2 weeks. Hmmm, Does this feel like your Story? Am sure it does!

Gyms will not change their timings for us, the members in the gym will not allow us to be on a particular Exercise equipment for long or before them. So why waste money in Gym memberships? At our online store homeskyshop.com we have introduced a new light weight put powerful Ab exerciser with a full body workout programme. This Slimming machine does not take more than 5 seconds to assemble and disassemble. Also this is a light weight product and fun to workout with. This price is superbly low as compared to the benefits it has. This wonderful equipment is called “10 In 1 Magic Shaper Multi Purpose Home Gym Equipment”.

By the name of this product many people would have guessed that it gives 10 exercising benefits in single workout and that too at your own place. This machine is so comfortable that anyone can use it very easily at home. That’s why it is also called “Mini Home Gym”. It is the best equipment for Ab crunching, toning arms and legs exercise. Along with this there are many other exercises which you can do by using this magic shaper which are mentioned below:
Sit-Ups Push-Ups Side crunch Regular crunch Reverse crunch Oblique crunch Abdominal crunch Stomach crunch

So, bring this simple and light weight fitness equipment at home and enjoy a fit, Slim body and good health.

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Imitation Jewellery- Give Yourself A Sparkling Look

Friday, August 14, 2015 5:14:07 PM Asia/Calcutta

When it is about fashion & jewellery, ladies go crazy about these. Women or girls, especially in India are so fond of jewellery that any occasion is never completed without the use of jewellery. All around the world, jewellery is found in different metals or forms. In India, gold jewellery is much liked women. But due to the soaring gold prices, it is not possible to buy different jewellery in gold for every occasion and so imitation jewellery has taken its place. You can even find number of designs or varieties in these imitation jewels.

These days every girl or woman likes to go for matching jewellery and for this artificial jewellery is the best option to go for. Moreover, it is not expensive and so everyone can afford it easily. If it is lost then also you need not be stressed about bearing heavy loss. These days you will find many types of branded artificial jewellery which are at good discounts. One such renowned brand is Sheetal Jewellery. Yes, Sheetal Jewellery is a big place where you can easily fulfil even smallest jewelry requirement. There are lots of designs and jewels available here. If you are thinking to buy some but don’t want to go here and there then you can choose your favourite piece online and can get your order at your home without any hassles ans east returns. So, next time you need not think twice while buying a new jewelry set for any occasion as this jewellery is easily available at very economical prices.

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Foldable Mosquito Net- Healthier Way To Keep Away Bugs This Monsoon

Monday, August 10, 2015 11:50:37 AM Asia/Calcutta

I do not believe there is anything better than a mosquito net to keep away mosquitoes and gnats especially in monsoon season when you want to sleep in your house balcony or outside. Many of us really have enjoyed this wonderful experience in our childhood when parents use to set up a mosquito net canopy to keep those nasty bugs away.

No doubt these days many other things are available in market to keep these mosquitoes and other bugs away but nothing can be compared to these mosquito nets. And if we talk about today’s foldable or pop up mosquito nets then these are much much better than any other products to keep away bugs. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:-
• Firstly these mosquito nets are completely harmless and there is no recommendation for their long term use.
• There is only one time investment in these pop up nets and you can use them for long time period.
• Also you can get these medicated to get extra benefits.

People can buy these mosquito nets according to their convenience as these are available in all sizes and for both, double bed and single beds. In the monsoon, mosquitoes attack more frequently than in any other season. So, if you want to keep yourself safe from mosquitoes but in a healthier way than you can go for a medicated foldable mosquito net. And no doubt after use, you will once again find yourself in your childhood.

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How To Keep Yourself Safe From Mosquitoes This Monsoon

Friday, August 7, 2015 12:40:50 PM Asia/Calcutta

We all know that malaria and dengue are the major problems caused by mosquitoes. And this is also true that just a single mosquito bite can lead to such life threatening diseases. Monsoon is the season when mosquitoes can easily target their prey. But if you don’t want to be their prey, it is necessary to take preventive measures in advance. Earlier people use to go for mosquito nets which use to keep them safe from mosquitoes as well as it was a healthier way. But as time passed, people replaced these traditional mosquito nets with all outs, odomas, chemical sprays and many more chemical products like these. No doubt, these products are able to keep mosquitoes away temporarily but is a major source of health threatening problems like headache, dizziness, nausea etc caused due to the continuous inhalation of these chemicals.

So, to keep mosquitoes away, foldable mosquito nets were introduced. These foldable mosquito nets are light weight and can be handled very easily by a single person. When you open this net, it automatically pops up and takes it shape. This is the reason why these nets are also known with the name of pop up mosquito nets. These folding mosquitos’ nets are not only easy to open but also easier to fold. Yes, it takes just a few seconds to fold it. People can conveniently shop online from homeskyshop who is providing these folding medicated mosquito nets for double bed and single bed both.

Double door is the unique feature of these ASP Foldable Mosquito Nets. You can buy these wonderful folding nets online with free shipping and cash on delivery basis. 1 Mosquito net can keep your family safe. For those who sleep on single bed, the single bed mosquito net is a better choice.

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Slim N Lift, An Instant Way To Get In Shape!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 1:52:55 PM Asia/Calcutta

Well, we all know that these days obesity is a common problem. People look out for number of ways to get back in shape but it is not easy to become slimmer very easily. Sometimes people need instant results but it is not possible with dieting or some type of slimming dose. There is another option for this which is called slim n lift or body shaper. Yes, this is the best option for those people who want instant slimming results. Years ago slimming garments were used only by high class women in the form of corsets but with passing time these got so popular with lot of modification and now these are easily available on reputed online stores. One of the first to enter the Indian market was the Slim N Lift Body Shaper for Women.

What is a Slim N Lift?
Slim n lift is actually is a slimming garment, a Body Shaper. Earlier corsets were made up of wood and iron and were very uncomfortable because they would poke and almost crush the ribs. But now it is not so. Now days, these body shapers are available in seamless and stretchable form which is ease to wear during the whole day without any discomfort. Also, there is a variety available in these slim n lift. But the main thing to remember before going for these shapewear to get in shape, is that you should g for the right size otherwise there would not be any benefit of using these. Some people think that every type of slim n lift can be used by anyone, but it is not true. Body shaper for men and women are totally different. Due to difference in body shape and size, body shapers are also different. But don’t worry, these shape wears are available in all sizes for both, men and women.

One more thing which is also important to know before buying any body shaper is that you should know that body shapers are made up of spandex quality mixing with other material like nylon, elastane etc. And so people selling cotton body shapers are ineffective products which would have no compression effect. Thus to get proper compression effect you need to choose only the product having spandex quality in it.

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Mosquito Net Set Up Is No More A Hectic Task

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 2:55:57 PM Asia/Calcutta

Many of us who have used traditional hanging mosquito nets have always found them to be more of botheration than anything else. But the situation is not as same as earlier. Now it is all a technical era and many changes have been made in these traditional mosquito nets. Earlier it was so hectic to manage those bulky nets but now it is not so.

These days’ nets are available in foldable form and are light weight. These nets do not need two or more people to set up the canopy. In fact, you can alone manage it very easily. When you open, it will automatically pops up and takes its shape. And when you are done with this, you can fold it back in less than a minute and can pack it back into its carry bag. Yes, it is easy to store also as it comes in a small carry bag which you can place anywhere you want.

Sometimes, when there is no electricity at night we may wish to enjoy cool breeze outside or on the terrace but due to fear of nasty mosquitoes it becomes difficult to sleep outside. But now you can sleep outside in balcony or on terrace without fear of being attacked by mosquitoes. If you are planning an adventures trip or camping you can carry this light weight medicated mosquito net with you and can enjoy your trip fully without the disturbance of mosquitoes and gnats.

These mosquito nets come in various forms for double bed, single bed, for babies and so you can choose any according to your convenience but yes, beware of the road side low quality products. For this, check the material of the net before buying and go for the original product. Mainly, these branded nets are available on reputed online portals. So check and buy your first foldable medicated mosquito net today only.

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Ab Rocket Twister- Home Trainer For Fit India

Monday, August 3, 2015 1:07:13 PM Asia/Calcutta

The most ugly part of our body is the protruding flabby tummy. I am sure Men and Women out there will agree with me. Look at karina, Bipasha or the young girl next door. Men can’t stop envying Salman khan and the young freshers who have just joined in office. What fab bodies they have. They wear anything and it all suits them so beautifully. Yes, guys we all once had similar bodies but now can only dream of. I also used to think this way but an ad online on a fat cutting home gym equipment called the Ab Rocket Twister has brought in a turning point in my life. I used it for 1 month and am seeing a toned up tummy. I flaunt the red and white evening gown I had dumped in my wardrobe two years back ever since I became a mother. I wish to help more people like me to get back in shape effortlessly, so thought will put this up online.

So, What is an Ab Rocket Twister?

Ab rocket twister is a fitness equipment especially designed for abdominal muscles. It trims your tummy without any pain and irritation, just in a fun rocking style. It is a light weight foldable machine. It works best for upper abs, lower abs and oblique. But its use is not limited to tummy trimming only. Its chair designed seat gives you full comfort to exercise and turns into a twister. Its padded rollers massage your back and neck which while you rock. So, this ab twister helps to get rid of backaches while its fun rocking movements are busy strengthening your core. On the first day of use itself, you will see that its working directly on the ab muscles. You’ll find out the next day though when you get that sweet pain on abs telling you that I’ve started fighting the fat buddy!

Uses of Ab Rocket Twister

Regular use of this ab rocket twister makes your body flexible. This abdominal exercise machine gives you benefits of five different types of workouts along with reducing your extra inches. So, now you need not take out special time for gyms or Slimming centres, instead you can bring this home trainer at home and can use according to your convenience. Trust me, You can bring the flat tummy dream into a reality.

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Pop Up Mosquito Net for Your Complete Family

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 1:32:14 PM Asia/Calcutta

It is pretty hard to deal with mosquitoes or gnats in every season. But when we talk about rainy or monsoon season, the condition becomes worse. We all know that mosquitoes carry a number of diseases and in monsoon their danger is at the peak. Like mosquitoes, gnats are also difficult to control and to deal with these is also a big deal. However, all gnats are not harmful but they are really irritating and enough to disturb our sound sleep.

People use different methods to keep away these mosquitoes and gnats. The use of chemical products may keep these bugs away but it would definitely harm human health in the long run. So, why not use a product that solves all your purpose in one go. Yes a mosquito net for bed is what I am talking about. But, Not the traditional, cumbersome hanging ones. The New technology has introduced the “Pop Up Mosquito Net”. It’s a very hot selling product available online today because a mosquito net has become a necessity for every household now. It is the same foldable mosquito net as seen on TV number of times. As this mosquito net needs no introduction still we are mentioning here some of its benefits which you have may have been unaware of.

    1.)156 holes per square inch which doesn’t allow even smallest insects to enter inside.
    2.)This is light weight foldable net which pops up itself in a second. 
    3.)You can fold in less than a minute without anyone’s help. 
    4.)Having double door for easy entry and exit. 
    5.)Easily accommodates 2 Adults and 1 Kid. 
    6.)You can keep it anywhere very easily as it comes in a carry bag.

These are just few points about our foldable medicated mosquito net. When you will start using it you can add numbers of benefits in your list. So, give a wonderful and healthier gift to your family this season. Buy this double bed mosquito net or single bed mosquito net and safeguard your family from the dangers of mosquitoes.

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Morning Walker- Your Family Health Trainer

Monday, July 27, 2015 3:45:41 PM Asia/Calcutta

This is the modern era and technology has provided many products for people’s comfort. Our life schedules have become so hectic that we cannot manage time to ponder about our health status. So, for this health industry has provided us with many health equipments that we can use at home. Morning walker is one of the health equipments which is suitable for all people including youngsters, old people, males and females. This is a wonderful exercise product and is different from others. This is because the machine gives you a work out while you are lying and relaxing, so it is portable and can be used any where anytime, means there is no particular time requirement for its use.

This walking machine can be used even when you are reading your newspaper in the morning or watching your favourite programme on television in the afternoon or in the evening. This home jogger gives you benefits of morning and evening walk at home only. If you go use this machine for 15 minutes a day it is equivalent to 10000 walking steps. There are many more benefits of this morning walker which are explained below:-
• People who have difficulty in sleeping at night can get a sound sleep after its use.

• It helps you get in shape because it helps in weight loss.

• Increases your blood circulation and keeps your heart healthy.

• It helps to cure problems like indigestion and constipation.

• It relieves you from body pains, mental stress along with detoxifying your body.

These are just few benefits. After use you will find there are many more. This morning walker machine also gives you infrared therapy, magneto therapy and acupressure therapy at home. Moreover it is easily affordable and can be used by all family members. In short, this is wonderful investment for your family fitness and health.

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